Bamboo Pen Tablet

Expensive Hype or Real Value For Money?

Wacom Bamboo are the market leaders and produce top quality graphic tablets in each price bracket including their best selling Pen tablet.

They usually have the highest price ticket too. Are they worth up to $100 more than other models? Or is the Wacom more brand name than reality.

Putting it bluntly, yes, they are that good and once you’ve used one you’ll be hooked. I use one every day for writing rather than typing on the keyboard. What’s more, if you head on over to Amazon you’ll see they are currently seriously reduced in price.

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Handwriting Recognition Software Is Awesome

If pushed to be specific, it would be because everything is just that bit better, smoother, more accurate and the handwriting technology is awesome. If you like to write with a pen not a keyboard, this has got to be for you and as it’s a pen and touch model you get control with your fingers too.

Good enough for most professional design work, it includes some seriously clever digital art software in the price, something you absolutely have to weigh up when buying a tablet.

With this and most Wacom products, the software is included which instantly makes prices start to look a lot less inflated. There are so many reviews, mostly positive, but they are set against value for money alternatives on the market and this makes it difficult to know who is right and whose advice to follow.

However, in truth it’s this Pen tablet (Update – or the new Bamboo Splash) I’d advise a friend to go and buy if they could afford it and even if they couldn’t, because they won’t be disappointed with what they get.

Having used a great many different tablets at one time or another, nothing but nothing comes close in usability, ergonomic comfort and software power as a Wacom Bamboo. Although the product seems upfront more expensive, the software included is excellent and includes a full graphic design package. You install and are good to go.

Excellent Handwriting technology

Scribble to text in seconds

Taking the handwriting recognition software included as an example, it really is far better at picking up handwriting with less training than any of the others are and the Bamboo pen really glides over the tablet, making writing very natural and almost as if on paper.

Artwork is a joy of silky strokes and light touches just like a real paintbrush. there is an almost bewildering range of different shaped brushes, pens and crayons, plus some brilliant special effects. You can very easily become so engrossed that day turns into night before you stop.

The pen is light and comfortable in your hand, having no batteries helps with the weight. The graphic software has limitless brush, crayon, or pen options to help you either draw and create from scratch, trace and create from a picture, work on photos or annotate presentations. Annotate Slides

There is also animation software included in the package, though this may change from country to country. There is no lack of help. Because this is a market leader, there is ample support both in the help within the software packages and online, simply because so many people use it.

Is it overpriced? Well people love to mutter through gritted teeth “you get what you pay for” when they don’t really believe it. Here though, it’s right on the nail. Remember you are also paying for years of research and development which is ongoing and has got Wacom where they are today.

Overall no, I don’t think these are overpriced simply because you are getting very good value and a very powerful set of design tools for your money. Yes there are cheaper alternatives on the market and they are mostly pretty good and do what the maker says it will.

If you’re buying a graphic tablet for a child or student, there are other less expensive options like the Monoprice or a Genius Mousepen unless you can get the Bamboo pen on a discount, in which case there’s little in it.

Good advice is that if you are a little short on payment, wait until an offer comes up and meanwhile, save a little more towards it. Because if you are looking for an all singing all dancing digital art tablet that has the capability of taking you from total newbie to very good graphic artist indeed, then the Bamboo Pen tablet or similar is probably the one for you – you do have to practice a little though!

Update – The new Bamboo Splash is a great hit and selling well with good positive reviews, so another to take a look at.