genius mouse penThe Genius Mousepen 8×6 is a package which includes both a mouse and a digital pen.

To clear up any confusion on the issue of using it wirelessly, this mouse pen set doesn’t work independently of a computer or its own pad, it needs to be plugged into either a pc or a laptop via USB.

The tablet pen itself needs a battery too, in fact mine needed replacing straight out of the box, so check before sending it back as faulty!

However, the pen was in use in an educational environment for over a year before needing another battery, so not really an issue. The pen itself is distinctly heavier than one without batteries, which seems to suits those with larger hands.

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There are over 400 buyer reviews including one or two complaints about the pressure sensitivity of the pen itself, so I expected to be disappointed. But actually do you know, it’s not bad at all. We now have three of them as the first has been such a good bargain and have bought other models including the Mousepen i608x.

genius mouse pen i608x

mouse pen i608x

This is a very user friendly tablet and quite intuitive to use, so anyone should be able to pick one up and be happily painting well inside an hour.

When editing digital photos or painting, you do need accuracy or you’re wasting your time. Neither students nor colleagues using the this tablet have found it a problem and they like it a lot. Is it as accurate as a Bamboo Pen Tablet? No, but it is very usable indeed.

There are some pretty big tablets out there and some say size really matters. I disagree, – unless you are a professional designer. This is plenty big enough for anything you might want to do or create and takes up less desk space, so again, don’t be put off.

Depending on which operating system you are using, your driver might need updating and you can download a free Genius Mousepen 8×6 driver here. After I did this download  all the mouse pen functions worked which they didn’t before and gathering from graphic tablets reviews online, a number of people found the same problem and solved it the same way.

Is It Compatible With Mac’s?

Yes in terms of drawing and writing, though not all the external functions are available such as links to email. They work fine to Outlook in Microsoft, but not with Mac’s – though later versions may well have fixed this issue.

Finally, the construction is not what one would describe as robust. Not quite flimsy, if you are thinking about buying this for a youngster, they will need to be fairly gentle with it! Equally mine has been in a classroom without incident, so they don’t just fall apart.

So Who Will Love The Genius Mousepen 8×6?

Anyone purchasing their first graphic tablet will find this a bargain. Creative kids, students and adults alike will all love the Mousepen, and as a first venture into digital art or drawing, it’s very easy to use. They also make a well received and thoughtful gift for birthday or Christmas celebrations and in terms of value, it represents a really good buy.