ReindeerGreat Free Graphic Software Suggestions

Want to know which free graphic design software to choose? Want to be able to make your own free Christmas clip art? It’s fun and personal making your own cards to send – or graphics for Christmas festivities, and with any of these free software downloads, you can! 

The big names in graphic software inevitably come with a big price, not least because years of research and development have gone into producing the sophisticated cutting edge technology demanded by professional designers. These are big companies with big advertising budgets – and it all has to be paid for somehow.

However, there are some truly magic graphic drawing programs out there that are absolutely free. Designed by very talented software engineers, they are every bit as good as the big brand names and a whole lot more user friendly – they just never got a foot in the front door of the market first and they don’t have the budget for deals with PC manufacturers to pre-load free trials etc, so they offer free versions.

Are They Cut Down Versions?

Yes they are usually a cut-down version of the full program and used by the designers to promote the extended software suite. But for youngsters and beginners right up to experienced artists, they are so full of features and tools that you need never look further.

Over the years we’ve used the lot and still do. So if you’re looking for a freebie, here are our most popular five, though there are many more out there.








Probably the most widely known of the free graphic programs, Gimp is extremely powerful software which runs on Windows XP, Vista & 7 (not personally tested on Windows 8 yet) plus Mac OS and a variety of Unix based systems.

Excellent photograph and graphic tools for creating unique digital artwork or remodeling photos. Works with the majority of digital tablets.








GimpShop is a Photoshop look alike version of Gimp which has been built to feel like Photoshop, thus offering users who are familiar with that software to feel right at home.

No criticism really, but anyone familiar with Photoshop could probably get to grips fairly easily with Gimp in its original form. I guess familiarity is faster.

Running Windows? Then what are you waiting for!




 is one of the best free tools available for those running Windows on their machines and can easily be compared to Photoshop. Yes, it really is free to download. Very user intuitive and easy to get going with, there is a huge range of tools, brushes and special effects. was developed as an undergraduate project being mentored by Microsoft. Now it is kept up and developed by some of the alumni who originally worked on it. Well supported by tutorials, a forum and additional plugins. Works with every tablet so far tried. Absolutely free and absolutely one of the best.







Very highly recommended and used by plenty of teachers, is Dogwaffle. The latest version,. Dogwaffle1.2, is a really super piece of software which I defy anyone to dislike.

Dogwaffle offer a free version that really will take care of all the vitals like saving your work and with no last second demand for cash!

This is a fully functioning software program which you can download free and the owners boast that there is no need to register, no time expiry, and very importantly, no adverts, spyware or other irritating inducements to buy the full version – though as it contains even more filters, advanced tools and special effects, you might well want to!








Designed for use with tablets, this free software comes with several options of brushes and pencils.

Added benefit for those not yet experiencing the bliss of a graphic tablet, is that lines drawn with a mouse are automatically smoothed and look less like a wayward spider who trod in ink. A bit limited in the tools department, nevertheless worthy of a mention for mouse users.



Artweaver Is Free And Pretty Cool Too

It’s always nice to make your own cards to send or graphics for Christmas festivities, and with any of these free software downloads, you can!

A real favorite and always on my desktop is Artweaver. Free in a cut-down version you won’t be disappointed with the tools available without any payment.

If you want to go deeper then this software is buyable at a very affordable price, Artweaver has some amazing tools and special effects which really do substitute canvas and paint.

So should you have a drawing tablet and be looking for free software, then this is a must try.